Before you apply to join LETS Grow Free, please read the About Us section on this website.

LETS Grow Free is one of many groups that form the Australia wide LETS Community Exchange.  You will find answers to your general questions about the Australia Wide exchange   here       

LETS Grow Free works best as a localised exchange so that members can meet regularly to trade, socialise and listen to guest speakers.

We have a growing number of localised exchanges including LETS Grow Free Hunter Valley, LETS Grow Free Bundaberg, LETS Grow Free Mildura.  

There are 3 different options for you to choose from to join us:

Option 1. Start your own LETS Grow Free Community Exchange by gathering at least thirty interested people together from your local area, plus a willing co-ordinator.  Then email us at     and tell us about your amazing community!

(if you are having difficulty reaching a minimum of thirty people in your area, please email us as we may be able to help)

Option 2. You can join an existing LETS Grow Free Community Exchange if one is already established in your local area. See video below showing existing community groups;  Bundaberg, Hunter Valley and Mildura.

Option 3. Join independently, and you will be placed onto the LETS Grow Free Australia Community Exchange. You can still trade and access all of the goods and services on the exchange like every other member  but local markets, bulk buys etc  may not yet be established in your area. Eventually, perhaps with your help,  a local community may develop in your area, at which time we will transfer your membership to that localised Community Exchange so that you can experience the full benefits of LETS Grow Free. 

However you choose to join, we look forward to having you as part of our community! 

If you still require further assistance, this zoom recording may help

Then go to  to register as a member of LETS Grow Free