In LETS Grow Free we currently operate four of the total thirty exchanges that exist on the trading platform known as the CES- Community Exchange System.   You can see the thirty different exchanges here

Our first exchange, created in August 2022, is named LETS Grow Free Australia.  It provides a platform for members to join our LETS Grow Free community regardless of where they live.  Our members can choose to search for "Offerings"  and  "Wants"   throughout Australia.  Members can also advertise their offerings and wants to reach potential buyers or suppliers.  

The LETS Grow Free Australia platform is the perfect community to join if you DO NOT have an existing local community that you can plug into and benefit from.  However, to truly experience all that LETS Grow Free has to offer it is best to have your own localised exchange with your own team of Administrators to organise market trade days, bulk buy foods and low cost health and wellbeing products plus social meet ups and more! 

In 2023 we created localised community exchanges for Hunter Valley, Bundaberg and Mildura.  We can do the same for any group that chooses to join us.

If you would like to have your own localised exchange so that you can fully access all of the benefits that LETS Grow Free offers then please email us and ask for information on our "Mutually Beneficial Community Partnerships" program.  We would love to hear from you. 


Hunter Valley